What to Expect from Gordon Ramsay Online Course?

The lessons in Gordon Ramsay online course are very informative and practical. Aside from teaching you how to cook, Gordon also focuses on giving life advice to his students. However, there are pros and cons you need to consider before deciding to enroll in Gordon’s masterclass. Knowing what to expect from an online class can help you make an informed decision.


Pros of The Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

Perhaps, you’ve seen much of Gordon’s cooking TV shows in different locations. His video lessons, on the other hand, are a bit different because they are more personal as he teaches from his home kitchen like you have never experienced before.


Here are the benefits you can get from enrolling in the cooking masterclass:


The video production’s quality of the Gordon Ramsay masterclass is simply amazing. The video lessons are simple to follow and easy to watch. In fact, you can binge-watch them without getting tired as each lesson teaches unique and interesting concepts.



Gordon uses a one-on-one approach to effectively teach each student. It’s like he’s just having a friendly conversation while giving all sorts of advice to you, whether it’s about life or cooking. Gordon shares his personal life, especially the challenges he had to overcome to be where he is now.


Know Gordon Ramsay’s life journey and learn from the master himself. What makes this online cooking class unique from other online courses is that it teaches about success, commitment, passion, and the advantages of overcoming life’s challenges. Gordon will introduce you to many opportunities in the industry.


Get the chance to ask questions and Gordon will answer them via the Office Hours. This is a special feature in the cooking masterclass where you can direct your questions to the master chef himself and he will answer you. Imagine a conversation with your ultimate idol in cooking?


Cons of The Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

Just like other online courses, the masterclass also shares some drawbacks. But these are very minimal and won’t affect your eagerness to learn cooking with Gordon Ramsay. Below are some downsides you ought to know:


Limited recipes to cook. The cooking masterclass only focuses on the basics of cooking, so don’t expect for many recipes. Some of the limited recipes you will learn to cook include supreme beef wellington and poached eggs. If you’re looking for full-fledged meals to cook, you might want to look for other cooking classes.


There are required tools to complete the lessons. For instance, some lessons require you to use Japanese knife like what Gordon is using. However, you can ask for alternatives if you don’t have the tools to get through the lessons. For sure, Gordon can give you some practical advice on such matters.


Key Takeaway

With these pros and cons, it’s easy to weigh in your decision. Practically, the Gordon Ramsay online course is best for beginners who don’t have much experience in the kitchen. If you have higher expectations, then you might want to reconsider enrolling in the coking masterclass.